My intent for working from still life is both technical and philosophical  and can be talked about on different levels. First, technically I find  the practice develops skills that any of my other work does not.  The tradition teaches me as a painter how to look, see and translate  in a unique way. Next, I am fascinated by the traditional language of  symbolism and the potential of narrative expression in the theatrical  arrangement of material objects. Shifting a little deeper I am also  fascinated by illusion in representational painting and the metaphors  inherent in creating real material objects(artworks) that are essentially  illusions of “real” things. And finally, deeper still and paradoxical to  the last point, I find a very valuable spiritual practice in working  from still life which is inspired by ideas in philosophy and spiritual  teachings like in the quote below:      “If you are suffering loneliness at any time I want you to remember  that you are not alone because every tree, every flower, every chair,  every lampshade, every houseplant and every carrot in the refrigerator  is living love recognizable in that form and is loving you with a love  that goes through your every being and inspires you. You are being  loved at every moment by everything because it is not matter, it is  not the result of a big bang, and it is not an illusion.”  “Everything is alive with its intent for you to experience it as what it really is.”     both quotes are from Rajpur through Paul Tuttle, Kingston, Washington, 2002     Janine Hall Feb. 2014   
First Rose
Fallen Angel
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