I begin all of my portraits by making a study on paper. I usually work from photo reference, collaging many different original photos into one final maquette to work from.  The step of making a study before I paint is an important one as I edit and refine the image. There are differences between the maquette nand the study but not many between the study and the final painting. I use charcoal, graphite and chalk separatly or in combination in these pieces.  I enjoy drawing very much and not all shown here are studies only. Some are finished pieces.  janine feb 2014
Namaste detail
Katrina's Auction 1
Blue Sweater study
Glass Horse study
Couple study
Boy on a Ladder study
Babies study
Man and His Dog
Teaset study
Boy in a Tree study
Boy Standing study
Head study 1
Head study 2
Return of the Prodigal study
Green Pillow 1 study
GreenPillow 2 study
Blankie study
Framer King study 1
Framer King 2 study
Treefrog study
Blue Shirt study
Pink Dress study
Rainsong study
Self Portrait
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